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1. Are the prices listed per person or for the whole boat?


The prices listed are for the whole boat. Sensei can accommodate up to 6 guests.


2. Do all the cruises include food and drink?


All of our cruises include locally catered food. We try to serve food prepared using fresh ingredients provided by local growers so the menu changes seasonally. Each meal comes with a variety of Non-Alcoholic drinks but you are welcome to bring your own bottle of wine (3 bottle limit). There is no corkage fee.
If you have any food or diet restrictions, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs. Contact us to discuss options so we can provide you with a pleasant day on the water.


3. What should I bring and wear?


  • The weather on your cruise will change as we take in the scenery. It can be cooler and windier on the Bay than on shore. T'shirt and shorts will usually be too cold for most people. If you dress in layers such as lightweight top with a sweatshirt and a wind breaker, you will be prepared for cold ocean air, maybe fog or some occasional wind-driven spray. A T'shirt (preferably non-cotton) or a breathable fabric shirt as a base layer is a good idea. It is never a bad idea to bring additional gear just to be safe and comfortable. Long pants and/or wind and/or water blocking pants is advised. There is room on board to store your backpack with extra clothes and personal items.
  • Wear shoes that do not have high heels. They should be non-marring shoes. Soles that are dark that can rub off and leave scuff marks on the boat, therefore should be avoided. Top-siders, deck shoes or light soled sneakers are an excellent choice. Open toe shoes, flip flops and bare feet are not advised.
  • Remember to bring a hat that with a chin strap or a hat clip so your hat does not get blown over-board.
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and wind are highly recommended. A strap for your glasses is always a good idea to save them from falling in the water.
  • Bring sunscreen for reflection off the water and direct sun.
  • Don't forget your cameras!


4. What is available on the boat?


All Coast Guard required safety gear is on board including a Type I Personal Flotation Device for each person. There will be an ice chest with ice and a private bathroom (head).


5. Are children allowed on the cruise?


Yes, children over the age of 6 (and at least 36 inches tall) are allowed on all cruises as long as there is a one to one ratio of adult per child and the child can pay full attention to instructions given. Kids and teenagers can lighten the atmosphere of the cruise and they can participate in learning how to operating the boat.


Sailing with small children and infants can be stressful for the parents and all those aboard. If you have children under the age of 6, please contact us and we can discuss your individual cruise.


6. Are pets allowed on board?


Sorry but we can not accommodate your loving pets.


7. What is a typical cruise itinerary like?


We ask guests to arrive 15 minutes before departure to stow gear below and attend the Captain's required safety orientation. As we leave the dock, our route will vary depending on what cruise you have chosen. And, depending on weather, tide, vessel traffic or other uncontrollable conditions, we may alter course for your safety and comfort.


We encourage our guests to participate in operating the boat including steering the boat and trimming the sails. Throughout the cruise, we will make opportunities available for those who wish to handle the boat.


Lunch is typically enjoyed on the boat or on shore at a location accessible by dinghy or from a dock.


Cruises begin and end at Marina Bay Yacht Harbor at Richmond, unless otherwise arranged. Parking is free and close to the dock.


Once returning to the Marina, and the Captain confirms that the boat is securely tied to the dock that will conclude the cruise.


8. Any tips for sea sickness?


It has been rare for our guests to experience sea sickness on our cruises as we proceed in protected waters with no ocean swells for the majority of the trip. However, if someone feels uncomfortable, please inform the Captain or crew and we can adjust and advice accordingly.


Here are some tips to avoid getting the symptoms:


  • Arrive well rested and not with a hangover or illness.
  • Avoid eating hard to digest food (i.e. greasy food) before the cruise.
  • Avoid going down below into the cabin while underway and the boat is moving. Stay on deck, face the breeze and focus on the horizon.
  • Avoid looking at one object for a prolong period, such as reading, texting, repetitive work or staring at one point.
  • Ginger candy and wristbands are some homeopathic remedies that some people find effective.
  • Over the counter and prescription medication can make some people very drowsy so you might want to use with caution or consulting with a physician before trying medication.


9. What if the weather is bad?


The weather in the San Francisco Bay provides us with excellent sailing conditions. Rain during the summer season is very rare but it can often be very windy. On windy days we still can find areas where there is shelter to have lunch aboard or in a cove or on shore. We can also opt for opt for a calmer route.


If there is bad weather, or the forecast predicts less than ideal sailing weather, the cruise can be canceled. The Captain will make that determination 24 hours in advance and we will notify you.
In the case of cancellation due to weather, you will have the option to reschedule for a future date or exchange it for a gift certificate of the same value to book at another time or give as a gift to your friends or family.


10. Reservation and Cancellation Policy?


If you need to cancel or re-book the cruise, you may do so without penalty 7 days in advance. Between 7 days and one day before the scheduled cruise, a 50% cancellation fee applies. We are not able to offer any refund if less than 24 hours notice of cancellation is given, however we will discount a future standard cruise for 25% off if possible.
Sunset at a marina in San Francisco Bay
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